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'Alex goes 02...'

After  14   amazing  years  touring  with  the  YAMAHA  EL-900/m   Electone as  his  main   performance  instrument,   Alex  Payler  has  just taken delivery of the very latest  YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-02C flown especially for him from Japan.   Only launched a matter of  10  months ago, the  Stagea   ELS-02C represents  the  very  pinnacle of  modern  electronic  instrument design.   The  new  instrument  utilises the latest state of the art technology  to  recreate breathtakingly realistic  voices that can respond and reproduce  every  subtle  nuance  of  the  real  instruments like  never before all thanks to the Electone’s unique innovative expressive capabilities. 

So,  not  to   be  confused  with  the  first  generation  Stagea  ELS-01C,   the   new  instrument  features an improved and updated ‘open body’ design  that  allows  full  view  of  the  player.   The specification features  nearly  1100  different  instrument  voices  (including  the entire EL/ELX  sound  set as wel l as all the amazing super articulation and vocal sounds from YAMAHA’s Tyros 4/5 Workstations  along  with many  more  brand new voices),  YAMAHA’s  revolutionary  Horizon  Touch keyboards  that respond  to sideways pressure as well as Initial and After Touch, over 630 preset rhythm styles,  40 different  drum kits, complete  editing  and  customisation of every sound rhythm and feature,  a front  and  rear speaker array for ‘3D’ sound, USB data storage and even internet connectivity all accessed from a intuitive 7”TFT Colour  touch screen interface.  Yet with all  the extra power and features, YAMAHA have been able to keep the ‘Live’ performance philosophy of the Electone truly at its heart allowing the performer to feel the is playing a real ‘acoustic’ instrument rather than a  lifeless  ‘Computer with keyboards’.

Alex comments  ‘The EL Electone was,  for me,  the  most  musical  instrument  I have ever played and it allowed my own  musicianship to expand  and  improve over the last decade or so.   I   will   continue  to play  and  respect the EL  as  a  world  class  instrument  and  still  plan  to  feature  the  mighty  ELX-1m  Electone in  a  few performances  each  year,  but  YAMAHA  have created another game changer and the  new  Stagea ELS-02C  will  become  my  concert  instrument  from  the end  of  2015.   Needless  to say it is the most powerful musical I have ever experienced  and, in both sound and design,  it  smashes the competition. YAMAHA  have  redefined the Electone concept  all  over again.  It has heart as well as technology.’

To  find  out  more  about  more  about  Alex  Payler’s tour dates, and when you can get to see and hear the  new instrument, please visit  for  more  information.
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Alex Payler - Electone Player -


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