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musician.  performer.  composer.

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Originality.  Itís what every true artiste is all about. You must stand out from the crowd. Have the ability to think independently and creatively whilst remaining unique and having a style of your own.  This is something Alex Payler knew right from the beginning.  Young, good looking and confidently talented Alex makes the ideal ambassador to begin a revolution in music.  On one hand an elite musician but on the other, nothing less than a pioneer blowing apart the stereotypical outdated image and reputation of the instrument he plays as well as the person who would normally play it.

In a world where experience is everything, Alex can certainly claim to have gained valuable skills from all facets of the music industry - from musical directing to demonstrating on the shop floor as well as magazine feature writing - but most of all, he just loves to perform as well as pass his valuable knowledge on to others. Classically trained and well versed in many styles of music including classical, jazz, film and even pop, Alex demonstrates his sheer versatility in each and every performance large or small and unlike many other musicians of his generation he can also claim that every piece is completely his own original work - scored, arranged and all played completely LIVE in every performance - something that was realised and awarded as early in his career as 1997 when he won the National Electronic Organist of the Year competition as well as more recently by the Warner Brothers Records Vice President of International Artistes, Dion Singer, who helped produce Alex's latest ground breaking commercial album - 'Alex Payler Electone Player'.

In the UK at least, Alex is constantly having to fight against an out of date image of the instrument he plays... "The general person on the street has no idea.  The 'Organ' has an almost humorous and corny image in this country.  It doesn't seem be taken seriously any more, not in the same way as piano perhaps.  In JAPAN - the Electone's home country - its a very different story.  I love performing to people both young and old and begin to drastically challenge those preconceptions." As a result Alex know he needs to reach new audiences to help create a future for the instrument..."There's no doubt the general music scene I have been involved with over the last 15-20 years has changed and declined significantly with the remaining players eager to grab what is left creating an overly competitive and 'clicky' atmosphere.  It used to be all about the music.  Music and ideas are something to be shared and learned. Using this as my inspiration, I am eager to create and acheive something new and exciting."

So a unique musician, a unique instrument  and  a unique approach to music - but then again you wouldn't expect anything less from an original...



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