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the instrument...

So what's the deal with the Electone?  Some kind of huge 'super' keyboard right? A piano? An organ? computer? Well perhaps it's all of the above. Let's get metaphorical for a second... Think of it as a gifted artist's paint palette and canvas or a mad scientist's laboratory but instead of colours and brushes or chemicals and test tubes it has the most complete and ultimate 'palette' of sounds and tone colours of any musical instrument ever.  The music is expressed using the entire body.  A concept carried through since the very first Electone.  This is an electronic instrument designed and played with the entire body, from the feet to the hands, to the lightest touch of the fingertips.  Those basic capabilities have been continually refined resulting in an instrument with the finest quality sound and the latest technology. From a simple piccolo to the power of a symphony orchestra and everything in between, in short the Electone is the world's most complete LIVE delivery 'vehicle' for instrumental sounds ever conceived. Alex's performance instrument is the state of the art YAMAHA Electone Stagea ELS-02C and is the leading exponent of this particular model in the UK and Europe. This instrument is at the apex of technological innovation and is the most infinitely expressive electronic instrument anyone has ever made.   In fact the only limit being are the abilities of the player; and that's important because unlike any of the competito'rs attempts which require tremendous amounts of  ‘multi-tracking’ to sound anywhere  near as good, or single keyboards with their copious amount of automatics and easy play features that simply detract from the player, the Electone has continued to evolve to always be an instrument to be played LIVE.

So, it's striking in sound and striking by design.  But importantly it also has presence and a sense of real theatre. Its futuristic design creates a vivid focal point on any stage and the requirement of the full use of the player's body creates a unique visual experience.

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